Welcome to the Easycreepypasta WikiEdit

hi there! this is a place where you can publish a creepypasta with fewer restriction than creepypasta wiki.


Yes, while this is a less restricted site, there has to be rules set in place, like any other site.

1. please don't vandalize: while making a page, please don't vandalize this wiki, it's important that it looks it's best for everyone visiting.

2. please don't criticize: while it's ok to give some suggestions to a story, please don't push someone down. this can be annoying. trust me, I know.

3. please don't plagiarize: if you got your story from somewhere else, then don't be ashamed to give credit to the author. there won't be anyone criticizing you for it.

4. admins of other pasta sites, dont come to my wiki and shut people down.

there might be more to come as the community grows, but for right now, that's all. thanks a ton for following them, and have fun!

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